A quote from Walden

“Simplify, Simplify.” – Henry David Thoreau

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Leaves of Change

Wind, persistent, strong, gusty – the wind of change – blowing away the leaves of summer so they can go on to their next job of composting. The leaves that aren’t ready, still bright green mixed with fall’s yellow and gold ones, laugh as they rustle against their companion leaves, enjoying the push, one direction and then another from the wind that feels soothingly warm for fall equinox time. The trunks of the birches that hold the leaves sway back and forth, going with the wind’s whim, not resisting, flexible, agreeable.

As I watch, I think how like the events of our lives the trees and leaves are. Change asks us to be flexible. It also requires a time to let go, to change form, to nourish our roots, and to caress our memories, so new buds, new experiences can bloom when the time is right.

©2015 MaryJo Comins

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